Security Consultancy

Supporting Organisations with their Risk Management Strategy

We have consultants for a diverse range of projects, all experts in their field who work with our clients to plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for today, tomorrow and the future.

Every project needs a bespoke approach and above all continued momentum throughout it’s life-cycle, two factors that we believe are essential to project success.

 Our Consultancy Services include: 

• Threat and Risk Assessment
• Penetration Testing
• Counter Terrorism Advice
• Audits and Reviews
• Crisis Management Planning
• Protecting Business Assets
• Maintaining Business Continuity
• Security Project Management

In every case we adopt a threat intelligence led approach. Utilising the global reach of our network and local physical resources we can deliver the best outcome for our clients.

Global Security Operations Centre

Our Global Security Operations Centre operates 24/7/365. We can give timely, relevant and actionable intelligence. Using cutting-edge technology to provide location specific insight and monitoring of incidents.

Risk alerts can be issued via email, SMS, risk messaging, our own Travel Oracle App / Portal and our Global Intelligence Portal.

Using state-of-the-art on-line tracking systems and mobile app we can also track travellers.

We have around the clock access to an on-call Crisis Management and Global Monitoring team. Therefore, clients can be assured of accurate and informed advice from specialist security professionals and, most importantly fast, effective coordination of action plans in the event of a security incident.

Kidnap and Extortion

In the event of a kidnap or similar incident, we can deploy a consultant to anywhere in the world. They will evaluate and advise on options and negotiation strategies, and undertake appropriate liaison where necessary.

Previous Cases

> Our team located and recovered a kidnapped child who had been moved to a less cooperative country, to be reunited with their family.

> Location and recovery of a multi-million-dollar stolen asset from one county back to the county of origin.


We also offer a Kidnap Awareness, Avoidance and Survival course. Please see our training page for more information.