Security Awareness

There are a variety of risks and threats arising from travelling and working in hostile and challenging environments, whether in a humanitarian, disaster or war zone situation. All our Security Awareness courses are designed to encompass the issues relating to personnel travelling and working in such locations, bespoke to your operational needs.

The objectives of the courses are to:

  • Improve participant’s knowledge of the multiple threats in hostile or fragile field environments and present ways and means of dealing with them in an effective manner.
  • Rehearse and practice safety and security procedures according to the specific threat.
  • Provide organisations with a management system to facilitate a duty of care.

In addition to security awareness for general worldwide travel we have courses designed to prepare you and your staff for visiting countries assessed as Hostile (HEAT) or Fragile (F-SAT).

Our Security Awareness courses are aligned to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office standards for pre-deployment training for staff posted and travelling overseas.

Hostile Environment Security Awareness Training

Designed for those working in challenging and/or hostile conditions including natural disasters, conflict and/or with the threat of kidnap, carjacking and robbery.

The HEAT course is run over 3 days. It includes both security and medical training to ensure your personnel are fully aware and prepared for the environments they may operate in. This affords candidates the absolute highest level of training available, both theoretical and practical.

Topics covered are:

  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Terrorism and Current Methods
  • Country Overviews and Cultural Awareness
  • Remote Area and Building Security
  • Evacuation and Security Planning
  • IED’s and Mines
  • Situational Awareness
  • Kidnap and Detainment/Bribery and Corruption
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cyber-Threats
  • Journey Planning In-Country
  • First Aid in Remote Areas

The first aid element gives a foundation of basic skills which is then taken to a higher level to deal with trauma related injuries. Students will also gain knowledge on the prevention of disease and environmental hazards.

Candidates newly learnt skills will be tested by our trainers through realistic scenario based exercises. These practical elements of our course are challenging, rewarding and most importantly enjoyable.

Fragile – Security Awareness Training

Run over 2 or 3-days, F-SAT is similar in content to our HEAT course, however it’s focus is on countries that would be classed as fragile. The training gives sound, practical advice on a range of security, safety and health situations that could be encountered whilst in these challenging environments. If required, day 3 is all about scenarios, in addition to first aid in remote areas.

Security Awareness Training

The 1-day SAT course provides practical advice on travel security and safety awareness. It includes trip planning, travel risk assessment, situational awareness in unfamiliar environments, in-country journey planning, hotel/accommodation security, evacuation planning and reacting to shootings and terrorist attacks.

A great course for students travelling for PhD research, journalists and business travellers.

Locations/ Cost – £175

We have facilities for Security Awareness Training in Scotland, The Midlands, South East and Portsmouth in the UK and globally in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Cambodia.

Candidates can book onto advertised courses individually or as a group, or we can design and run a course specifically for your company/organisation at your location.

The cost of all our UK Security Awareness Training courses is only £175 per person/per day of training. For group and overseas bookings please enquire and we will be in touch to discuss.